Today is a very sad day for the Swiss Blues Society and the Vallemaggia Magic Blues Festival: Hannes Anrig, our good friend, has past away this morning. Founder and member of the board of the Swiss Blues Society, organiser of the Vallemaggia Magic Blues Festival for the last 16 years, internationally renowned promotor of blues and jazz for more than 40 years, Hannes has always been an inspiration and a motivation to promote blues bands and the blues in general in Switzerland. This dedication to the blues was rewarded last year, when Hannes received a "Behind the Scenes" award from the European Blues Union. More recently, Hannes and Fabion Lafranchi have received for the Vallemaggia Magic Blues a Swiss Blues Award. We present our condolences to his family and to all the members of the Vallemaggia Magic Blues Festival. Hannes, we will never forget you and thanks for everything !

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